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About the LSSA-SAALA-SAALT conference

Conference Theme

The Department of Linguistics and the Centre for Multilingualism and Diversities Research at the University of the Western Cape will be hosting the next LSSA/SAALA/SAALT Conference from 4-7 July 2016. The Conference theme is: Language and Linguistics in the Global South: Posing the challenge. Within the current context of demands for radical changes to academic content and access at our universities, it seems particularly pertinent to encourage delegates to respond in their abstract submissions to issues of decoloniality and southern theory in linguistic research and teaching.
However, any interesting papers, workshops, special thematic session and poster presentation in the following fields are welcome:

• Applied Linguistics

• Language Practice

• Language Teaching

• Linguistics

• Sign Language

• Sociolinguistics

• Multilingualism

• Discourse Analysis

• Linguistic Landscapes

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Keynote speakers

We are pleased to announce the following keynote speakers for the LSSA/SAALA/SAALT Conference 2016:

Prof Ana Deumert

Prof Ana Deumert

University of Cape Town

Ana Deumert is Professor at the University of Cape Town. Her research programme is located within the broad field of African sociolinguistics and has a strong transdisciplinary focus. She has worked on the history of Afrikaans (The Dynamics of Cape Dutch, 2004), coauthored Introducing Sociolinguistics (2009, with Rajend Mesthrie, Joan Swann and William Leap) and the Dictionary of Sociolinguistics (2004, with Joan Swann, Rajend Mesthrie and Theresa Lillis). Her latest book looks at mobile communication from a global perspective (Sociolinguistics and Mobile Communication, 2014). She is editor of IMPACT – Studies in Language and Society (Amsterdam/New York: John Benjamins) and co-editor of Cambridge Approaches to Language Contact (with Salikoko Mufwene). She is also an NRF-rated scientist.

Prof Kathleen Heugh

Prof Kathleen Heugh

University of South Australia

Kathleen Heugh is a socio-applied linguist, currently based in the Research Centre for Languages and Cultures at the University of South Australia. Her research focuses on language education policies and practices in multilingual countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. She played a leading role in post-apartheid language policy development in South Africa and she has advised several state and national governments (in Africa, India and the Russian Federation) on language education policy. Since 2004 she has been a chief investigator in medium and large-scale (system-wide and multi-country) evaluation and assessment studies on languages and literacy education in sub-Saharan Africa for governments and international development agencies. Her research is taken up in several UNESCO language education policy recommendations, most recently in Global Education Monitoring Report policy paper no 24, If you don’t understand, how can you learn? Together with Christopher Stroud at the University of the Western Cape, she has initiated the Southern Multilingualisms and Diversities Consortium, in order to draw attention to the knowledge expertise of people whose daily lives involve multidimensional and multi-scaled linguistic practices in Africa, Central and South America, Asia and the Pacific. She has honorary positions at research institutions in South Africa and India and serves on the editorial boards of eight journals and two book series.

Prof Bassey Antia

Prof Bassey Antia

University of the Western Cape

Bassey E. Antia is Professor of Linguistics at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. He has research interests in terminology (with a focus on knowledge construction in texts, terminology development), multilingualism in higher education, and health communication. He has published Terminology and Language Planning, and edited Indeterminacy in Terminology and LSP, both from the stable of John Benjamins (Amsterdam/Philadelphia). Journal articles have appeared in Language Policy, Terminology, Communication & Medicine, Journal of Multilingualism and Multicultural Development, among others. In several areas of his research interest, he has held lectureship or research fellowship positions in universities in Germany, Spain, Nigeria, UK, and Canada. Awards have included the Dissertationspreis of the University Society of Westphalia and Lippe (Germany) and the International Infoterm Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Applied Research & Development in the Field of Terminology, co-sponsored by the European Commission (within the framework of its programme on the Multilingual Information Society) and the European Association for Terminology. Bassey E. Antia is a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Prof Perpetua Goncalves

Prof Perpetua Goncalves

Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique

Perpétua Gonçalves (PG) is a retired Professor of Portuguese Linguistics at Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique). Since 2009, she is the holder of the chair “Portuguese – Second and Foreign Language” within which was created a website that makes available different resources on non-native varieties of Portuguese: bibliographies, linguistic resources, an observatory of neologisms, etc.
PG has conducted research on the development of African varieties of Portuguese and, more particularly, on Mozambican Portuguese, in different perspectives: descriptive (mainly syntactic and morphossyntactic features), cognitive (L2 acquisition by Bantu L1 learners), diachronic (genesis of new African Portugueses) and educational (teaching methods for different levels of school education). Currently, she coordinates, with Feliciano Chimbutane, a pioneering study on the Bilingual Community in Mozambique.
Her publications include: Gonçalves, P. (2004) Towards a Unified Vision of Classes of Language Acquisition and Change: Arguments from the Genesis of Mozambican African Portuguese. Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, 19 (2): 225-259; Gonçalves, P. & Chimbutane, P. (2009) Assimetrias da mudança linguística em situação de contacto de línguas: O caso do português e das línguas bantu em Moçambique. In A. M. Carvalho (org.) Português em contacto, pp.31-51. Madrid/Frankfurt: Iberoamericana/Editorial Vervuert; Gonçalves, P.  (2010) A génese do português de Moçambique. Lisboa: Imprensa Nacional/Casa da Moeda; Gonçalves, P. (2013) O português em África. In M. F. Bacelar, A. Mendes, M. A. Mota, L. Segura & M. C. Viana (orgs) Gramática do Português, pp. 157-168. Lisboa: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

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